30th Anniversary Reunion Dinner (07 November 1987)

This was a group photograph taken at the Class of 57's 30th Anniversary Reunion Dinner held at Daichi Hotel on 07 November 1987. In attendance were 53 cohorts (not all caught on film on the right) and 4 teachers.

To the best of our failing eyesight, we have identified some of you. If you are there in the photograph and have not been identified, can you please own up?

Front Row:  Huang Chen Ya, John Lim, [??]

Second Row (seated): Ivor Thevathasan, [??], Kho Kwang Po, Mr Ong Kang Hai, Mr Lim Choon Mong, Mr Lee Hah Ing, Mr Chee Keng Lim, Alan Peck, Tay Eng Soon, Winston Choo, [??]

Third Row: [??], Wong Kwee Wah,  Tan Tock Eng , Choo Teck Yong, Tan Chwee Lee, Teddy Yong, Yam Chong Tak, Harry Tan Kay Choon, Tang Wee Houe, [??], [??], Chia Chee Yoong, [??], [??], [??], [??], [??]

Last Row: Soh Tiang Keng, [??], [??], [??], Lee Ping Wen, [??], [??], Winston Koh, Teo Hock Hye, [??], Gilbert Chua, [??], [??], [??], [??] Wong Choon Seng, [??], Au Pui Chuan


Model of Coleman Street Chapel

Before the old school chapel on Coleman Street was demolished, a group of scouts from the ACS 11th Troop built a splendid model of the Hall.

Among the six scouts, three hailed from the Class of '57. They were the late Loong Seow Hiang (third from left), Cheong Kun Lun (second from right) and Jerry Choo Teck Yong (extreme right)

It is interesting that none of the above became architects.