The ACS 11th Scout Troop (circa 1956/57)


The above photograph of the ACS 11th Scout Troop was taken around 1956/57.

Alan Peck, who submitted the photograph, wrote

One is able to identify quite a number of us. At the back row, Larry Ng Keng Yong is 3rd from left and next to him Leong Kwok Onn. 7th from left are Choo Teck Yong, Tay Eng Soon (beside the Union Jack), Yap Pak Hee, Tay Kheng Soon, Lee Ping Wen and Alan Peck.  The three Teoh brothers are there and so is Joe Pitchamuthu with Loong Seow Hiang next to him. Albert Chan is fourth from the right at the back row.

Many will recall the really good old times all had at campfires, camps, hikes, duties at sports meets and functions and the Saturday meetings - all most enjoyable times!"


Jimmy Ho Chee Meng wrote:

Hi Alan and everyone,
Where is Norman Wee in the picture?


Norman Wee wrote:

Hi. Very interesting that you should ask, where I am.

Actually I am possibly the only scout to have been sacked, by the late Tan Soo Liat. Instead of attending the regular Saturday scout meeting, I went to the movies. Cannot remember who else was with me but somehow, I was singled out to leave. This was possibly in 1955/1956. It did one thing good for me, I did reasonably well in the Cambridge exams, got 2 A's , for History and Scripture, or was it, History and Geography. Did not get a Grade 1 as failed Chinese. That did not stop me going to private camps; Loyang and Mata Ikan. (Kwok Thye/Kwok Onn's place) sometimes even Changi Beach. During school holidays. Had to cycle all the way to the camps. Possibly had the worst bike, as my Dad was very frugal with me. Bike was a hand it down, from Albert my brother. Memory a little blurred. Maybe someone can remember better. Jimmy I think you were in my patrol. Kwok Onn was my patrol leader, I think it was eagle patrol.


Jimmy Ho wrote:
Thanks for your interesting account of your absence from the photo. Oh I pine for the days when you mentioned camping. Memories of those golden boyhood soon appear before you. Like you and others who enjoyed camping during school holidays, will remember camp sites like Loyang, Pasir Ris, Telok Paku, Ayer Gumuru, Changi Point, Tenah Merah Besar, Kranji and Mata Ikan.

In fact Norman, you went camping with us (Paul Tan, Tan Kay Choon, myself, my young brother Chee Kong and a neighbour called Pete). Do you recall we got two local boys when we were camping in Changi, to climb coconut trees and paid them 10 cents for 2 fresh coconuts. We had a couple. One of us then cycled to Changi village and got 20 cents worth of ice-block covered with saw-dust!

On another camping holiday in Pasir Ris, some ACS 11th Troup scouts came over to our camp in the early hours of the morning and raided our food larder ! We enquired from Eng Soon who was camping nearby if he and his camper scouts had seen or heard anything unusual in the early hours of the morning. It transpired that as we told them of our loss of food, especially
a large biscuit tin had gone missing, they could not put a straight face, for one of the scouts was sitting on the biscuit tin !! What a story!

No Norman, I was never in the scout movement but was a member of the Boys' Brigade. As a matter of interest there were a few BB boys in Class 57. Amongst the BB Queen's Badge holders of Class 57 were: Teddy Yong, Winston Choo, Paul Tan Eng Wee, Tan Kang Ping, Lau Kheng Tiong, Harry Tan Kay Choon and myself. We were presented with the Queen's Badge by the last Governor of Singapore, Sir William Goode.

Those were the days, rich in friendship and memories. As we reflect the years that have gone by, we think of the immortal words: 'Come grow old with me, the best is yet to be'.

With warm regards to you and all.