Photos from Kong Chong Yin's Album

Ahoy! .... Ship to Ship Transfer

C. Y. Kong - 1st Trafalgar Sea Scout &
137th Sea Scout Troop (1953 - 1958)

Quench your thirst ... with fresh coconuts!

Tay Kheng Soon (Billy) & myself at
the Pasir Ris Camp (December 1954)

Stopping for a snap shot

Tay Eng Soon (squatting on the left) & myself (back row, 2nd from left sitting). It is with deep regret that I cannot remember the names of some of those in the photograph. It has been more than 50 years!!!

MacRitchie Reservoir to Seletar Reservoir Hike
(July 1955)

Teo Hock Hye (2nd from left),
myself (2nd from right)
and the rest of our hiking group.

Christmas Party 1956

Tay Eng Soon, Teoh Jin Hong, myself, Peter Heng (from St. Andrew's School) & Kho Kwang Po in front of Eng Soon's house at 19 Cotswold Close, Braddell Heights.