Mini Reunion in London!

Since our 50th Anniversary last year, a number of us in various locations around the world have been keeping in touch via e-mail.  Resulting from this, 18 of us, including three couples from the United Kingdom, will be venturing on the Silk Road in May.

In preparation for the Silk Road trip, the three class mates (Jimmy Ho, Bill Tan and Swee Quek) arranged a mini reunion at Kingston-upon-Thames on 06 April for their wives to get acquainted and prepped for the trip.

Bill Tan sent us these photographs taken at the mini reunion to share with the others going on the Silk Road trip.

Bill Tan, Jimmy Ho and Swee Quek
- all ready for the Silk Road trip!

The 3 couples (from left to right: Jimmy Ho, Swee Quek & Mary Quek, Jane Tan, Sharon Ho & Bill Tan
Jane Tan, Sharon & Jimmy Ho at Bentall Centre, Kingston-upon-Thames. Swee & May Quek at the mini reunion