November 2008 Lunch

The 57 lunch group welcomed visitors Albert Lee Seng Gay and Arthur Yap to their monthly lunch where they sampled the delicious MYMCA fare of fish head curry, sambal fried rice, hor fun etc.

Albert was on his way back to Sydney after being in China where many of the descendents of the late Tan Kah Kee had gathered to commemorate the opening of a museum built in his honour. Arthur was in town to attend to NUSS Alumni matters.

Seated: Tiang See, Gilbert, Wee Houe, You Thiam, Albert, Arthur, Choon Tin

Standing: Kay Beng, Alan, Hock Hye, Norman, Jerry, Teddy, Tiang Keng, Chee Yoong

<<<< Hock Hye
and Tiang Keng


Albert and a jet-lagged Arthur (having arrived
at midnight!) >>>>

<<<< Chee Yoong
and Alan Peck catching
up on Alumni news!