February 2009 Lunch

All 17 of us, folks!

In place of our usual monthly lunch, Wee Houe extended an invitation instead to celebrate Chinese New Year at his home. Little did we realise that it was also his 69th Birthday. And the day (6th February) turned out be Tiang See's Birthday as well!

We had Yee Sung, loads of food, noodles (of course)....certainly not the usual fare at the Y!! For entertainment we had Teddy providing quite a decent challenge to Peter Wong at the pool table.

Newbies Kheng Lin and Gerald Yeo made their presence felt and we look forward to seeing more of them.

Birthday boys Tiang See & Wee Houe waiting for cue.


Amused You Thiam, quizzical Wee Houe,
dont care Teddy!.

The Hustler, good as ever!


Hustler wannabe ... a passable one though!

Wee Houe's grand-daughter learning
 the ropes from the si-foo


Tossing for good luck.

We also can what!


Debonair Gilbert, Kheng Lin's first appearance

Definitely not the same as the fare at the Y!


Good pals Gerald & You Thiam catching up.

Jerry joins in, Gerald mabok!.


Hock Hye & Choon Tin digging in

Kay Beng showing off chopsticks skills,
David & Thiang See unimpressed


Norman pauses, Cheow Gek concentrates

Good to see you David!.