Photographs from Alan Peck's Album

Alan Peck wrote:

Below is a snapshot taken when we were quite a bit younger.

[from left to right:  Alan Peck, Robert Foo, Tang Wee Houe, Teddy Yong, Lau Keng Tiong , David Tan , Charles Ho and John Lim]

This group was part of the stream that migrated from Coleman Street to the new Barker Road School then and if one remembers right , was taken at the Barker Road grounds.

Hey John ,Teddy , David and the others , what was the occasion - why were we sporting Hibiscus flowers ?

Alan Peck wrote:

The snapshot on the left was taken in Sydney in the early sixties.

[left to right:  Alan Peck, William Tan Peck Seng , Low Hon Kwok and Victor Au Pui Chuan.

If one remembers right, it was taken outside Peck Seng's accomodation at Stanmore, Sydney.