Last update: 27 March 2006


Jimmy Ho Chee Meng wrote (24 March 2006, 1722 hours):

Hi Seng Gay,

Thanks for your e-mail.

I do not think that I can recognise you if I meet you on the road. Having said that, you do look elegant in your current photo. Some do change after all these years but some do not. Norman said that I have not changed, albeit I look much older with receding hair on the front. I am not vain !

Norman looks youthful; I am really surprised that he still plays squash competitively. He must be one of the fittest members of Class 57.

I expect Albert Chan to maintain his good looks as he was 50 years ago. I remember watching him in athletics in school when the gentle sex would admire him when he warmed up round the field track!

I remember Chong Tak and Pui Chuan with their ever beaming face when you met them. They also exude confidence and charm. I'm sure their individual attributes will stand out when we meet them at the reunion.

Seng Gay, I recall meeting both your older brothers in London when a mutual friend took them to my apartment in 1961/62. Are they also in Australia.

It is really good to hear from you.

Albert Lee Seng Gay wrote (24 March 2006, 1515 hours):

Finally emerging out of the fox-hole and am glad that the website ACSclass57 exists. It shows that the world is such a small place that you cannot even hide. I remember "la" most of the names of the 5 classes of year 1957 and in case some of you cannot remember me, my photos are attached to jolt your memories.

Happy reunion

Lee Seng Gay (Albert) "Drug Supplier", Sydney University.


Mac Cheong Kum Lum wrote (23 March 2006, 1759 hours):

Hi Jerry,

Had a surprise phone call at work today. Turned out to be Lee Seng Gay. He was with us on that Blue Mt weekend back in the 60's??  I believe I sent you that photograph.  Apparently he is also a pharmacist - unbeknown to me.  He worked in community pharmacy & I of course spent my working life in hospital pharmacies so that our paths never crossed. Anyhow when you are in Sydney we might get together & chew the fat.  Seng Gay, also known as Albert is not free on Tues & Thurs evenings. He attends Mandarin classes at Ultimo.

His email address: asglee08@yahoo.com.au. Tel: 9746-5375

Bill Tan Peck Seng wrote (17 March 2006, 0238 hours)

The address is Albert Lee Seng Gay, 9 Brunswick Avenue, Strathfield, NSW, 2135, Australia. 

Over lunch during Bill Tan Peck Seng's recent visit to Singapore, he mentioned that he had a cousin in Sydney.  As chance would have it, his cousin turned out to be Albert Lee Seng Gay whom we were trying to contact!  Bill subsequently followed up with Albert's contact which resulted in the above exchange of mails.