Last update: 27 March 2006


David Tan wrote (27 March 2006, 0827 hours):

I am back in Singapore but will be in Vancouver again in early June and July. 

Ang Cheng Kim passed away in 1999.  He had a very successful open heart bypass surgery done in Sydney by the late Dr Victor Chang in, I think, the seventies.  He led a very active life after that and was in many committees at Kampong Kapor Methodist Church.  His wife attends church faithfully every Sunday.


Albert Chan wrote (27 March 2006, 0458 hours):

Ang Cheng Kim had the milk of Christian kindness flowing in his veins. After I left School, ACK contacted me to design a programme for a charity event that he was planning. Anyone know where he is now?

Jimmy Ho Chee Meng wrote (26 March 2006, 1159 hours):

Yes, I remember Mr Goh Chin Chye, a friendly teacher. Mr Ang Cheng Kim was a kind teacher, full of Christian charity and easy to get on with. He was also a talented singer as we both attended the Kampong Kapor Methodist Church.

Laurence do you mean Mr Pakianathan (rather than Pakrisamy)?  I do not know his whereabouts. I believe he has two sons in school - Manny Pakianathan (one year our senior in ACS), the younger is Sam who was a year our junior.

Wee Choon Seng was in my class in 1957 and, as you say Laurence, he was a fantastic badminton player.


Lawrence Lim wrote (25 March 2006, 1049 hours):

My sincere apologies to Goh Chin Chye and his family. Hope his good health continues. He must be in his nineties today.
I remember Ang Cheng Kim. He used to invite some of us to his place in Orchard Road to play badminton, but I didn't know he has passed away. What about Mr. Pakrisamy ? Anyone knows where Wee Choon Seng is? He was the Singapore badminton champion when he was still in school and he also played soccer for ACS.


Teo Hock Hye wrote (24 March 2006, 1949 hours):

Hi Lawrence,

You do have a penchant for details even to the extent of knowing the geneology of Goh Chin Chye and Lau Hee Boon. No Lawrence, Goh Chin Chye is still alive. I received a call from Arthur last night (His time was 5.25 am - Vancouver time) He ( Arthur) met him only last month very much in good health. Lau Hee Boon was the class master in Std 4B so David, you may not be able to recollect him as you and I were in Std 4A Coleman Street under our class master Gan Kee Tian (for one term only) Mr. Lau was our arts teacher and as I was involved in his Arts project, I remembered him well.
Another teacher that came to my mind is Ang Cheng Kim who was our class master in Std 2 A Coleman Street. He had heart problem, had a bypass done and sadly also passed away some time ago.


David Tai wrote (24 March 2006, 0120 hours):

Hello Hock Hye,

I do remember Goh Chin Chye, the teacher with a husky voice. Don't remember him being our Basketball coach but yes he was our Oldham House master. I believe he taught us Arts too. Cannot place a face on the late Lau Hee Boon but the name rings a bell.


Lawrence Lim wrote (24 March 2006, 1117 hours):

Hock Hye,

I remember Goh Chin Chye well. He was a scout master and he has a son Eric. He used to live in Upper East Coast Road and he was an avid health enthusiast, jogging almost everyday even at 70+ I think he has passed away.
Lau Hee Boon was the uncle of Evan and Ivan. He was our art teacher and he was very stout looking

Albert Chan wrote (24 March 2006, 0502 hours):

How did I miss out Lau Hee Boon and Goh Chin Chye! 

Lau Hee Boon taught us art and introduced us to water colour painting. Earlier, when the war broke out, he and his family, together with ours and other English speaking families were sent to open up a settlement in Endau, Johore.  Little did I expect that he would be my teacher one day. Upon returning to Singapore, he lived in Cuff Road (off Serangoon Road ).

Goh Chin Chye was quintissential "Macho" boy scout leader. When the 11th. Troop went camping, he joined us and helped Ong Kang Hai maintain order amongst a group of "rowdies" in scout uniform. When ACS held its 100 Anniversary, GCC ran from Clifford Pier to the Ann. Dinner venue held in a high rise restaurant (sorry, can't remember the name ) near the flour mill, all the way up 10 floors to the restaurant to the applause of ACSians past and present. I cannot recall if he was carrying a torch a la Olympic style ... symbolising the passing of the ACS spirit from generation to generation. Perhaps someone can remember this event better. Was he fit or what !!?  GCC lived in Dhobi Ghaut.


Teo Hock Hye wrote (23 March 2006, 1849 hours):

To add to the list of teachers, I don't know whether anyone of you remembers Mr. Goh Chin Chye and Lau Hee Boon. Goh Chin Chye was the sports master during our primary school days in Coleman Street. David Tai would definitely remember him as we were both in the basketball team in Oldham House. He was a strict coach and master of Oldham House, he made sure we would win in the Inter house matches. I remember being hit on the head by him for trying unconventional stunts throwing the ball backwards into the net. He was also the scoutmaster of a troop outside ACS and he is well known as the Dolphin. I think I have seen him in some recent photos in Echo magazine attending some class reunion.

As for Lau Hee Boon, I heard sadly he has passed away. He taught us art and gathered those interested to attend his classes over the weekend. We painted some pictures and some basketry works which he used for exhibition during Founders day.

Alan Peck wrote (22 March 2006, 1001 hours):

Hi All, er... excuse,,,,me , I think the under-referred's name is Yong Ngim Djin. He is also described as " A much revered but also much feared senior mathematics teacher in The Anglo-Chinese School.  He's also the father of Prof. N. K. Yong the surgeon and wine connoisseur and current wine columnist who writes quite regularly in the Business Times and Straits Times.

O yes , I'm trying to reach Ms Si-Hoe Sing Sow for the 2007 "Do" - remember her? She taught us Chemistry. (have checked with Jerry Choo that fine to extrapolate from Class57 to '58 & '59 days and the teachers then). Also there's Ms Tan Kheng Choo (a former Queen's Scholar) who taught us for a season. 'Remember that her GP lessons were very interesting and she also played netball with us (boys were included) at the Barker Rd field . She now lives in Scotland but visits Singapore and I've met her in recent months. She remembers Eng Soon , John Lim and a few others .

Have also met Khoo Choon Tin (tel. 6235 4639H) and Pang Loo Seem (contact 9229 1318) both mentioned they're yet to embark on the internet but are interested in the class function.


Yap Swee Hoo wrote (22 March 2006, 0922 hours):

Dear Norman,

Don't mistake me. I don't fear you in the afterlife, tough company you undoubtedly will be. I'm looking forward to it, otherwise I'll be all alone without the rest of our class!! Remember we're the only 2 really bad ones in class!!!!!!!!!!

Maturing per se is not enough; both of us need a complete makeover, a total re-moulding by Him - and that's to say the least!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Cheers to my future inmate in eternity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Norman Wee wrote (22 March 2006, 0140 hours):

Yes Jimmy, the moment I read Gobi Desert's name the first thing that came to mind was the aero modeling competition.
I indeed participated but obviously did not win anything. On hindsight, this is what makes a good teacher. More teachers should follow this way of teaching. The experience of doing something, not just book work. I remember him to be quite strict, but fair. On Swee Hoo's comments about me, please be assured, he need not fear me in the afterlife. Yes, I have matured but still have the cheeky ways.

Chan Chin Bock, he had the drain pipe pants. I think he was only a relief teacher. I understand he is not well. Spent most of his career with EDB and stationed in NY.


Jimmy Ho Chee Meng wrote (21 March 2006, 2359 hours):

Yes, David is correct about the nicknames of the teachers concerned. Since Mr Jesudason's name has been mentioned, I thought I should share with you an occasion which has remained with me all this time. He was our Form Teacher in Standard 5A. Can anyone remember he organised an aeromodelling competition in the class to see whose airplane model was the best and whose plane could remain the longest in the air. The competition was to be held on the Barker Road hill site next to Bishop Archer's residence.

We had many aeromodel enthusiasts in our Class turning out beautiful planes (big and small), made of balsa wood. Enthusiasts like Ivor Thevathesan, Lee Han Seng, Ho Sim Chuing, David Tan and many others took part in the competition. Mr Jesudason was the umpire and judge of the contest. As I was a student of limited financial means and could not afford to buy the balsa wood, I managed to gather the remnants of the wood from the classmates and
built the smallest model which I thought looked like an airplane. The day of the competition arrived and there was real excitement (not only missing class, but also with Mr Jesudason with us) amongst us.

One after another, each competitor would launch their plane in the air from the height of Barker Road. The judge had a stop-watch to record the individual plane which was airborne. Some planes came down after a few seconds, others hoped that theirs would remain in the air longer. There were moments of gasp, 'oohs and aahs' as each competitor launched their aircraft. I was the last to take to the 'sky'. Feeling embarrassed, as mine was the smallest model and was very basic looking, I hurled my 'plane' into the air. Because of its smallness and lightweight, the breeze somehow made my 'plane' float in the air. In remained airborne not just for a few seconds but remained in the sky for about four minutes. Obviously there was much laughter among the class and I felt quite smug about it as I was declared the winner of the competion by Mr Jesudason. 

Sometimes when you look back into incident such as this, you wonder why friendships in ACS can remain so firm.


David Tan wrote (21 March 2006):

Yong Ngim Djin's nickname was I think "Sahara Desert". "Gobi Desert" was Jesudason's nickname as his bald area was smaller than that of Ngim Djin.


Lawrence Lim wrote (21 March 2006, 1156 hours):

Once, after exams, we were left to do our own thing in class, as the teachers were busy marking papers. Keng Soon and and a few of us arranged the desks to appear like "hurdles" and we actually hurdled in class and were caught by none other than Yap Ah Chuan. Vividly I remembered we were also slapped. 

If any of you remember Dr. Leon Wang, who taught us science. His trademark was to pinch anyone under the arm pit until there were bloody marks. Once he pinched Quek Teo Hoe, but he didn't get away because Teo Hoe dashed to the principal's office to complain. Fortunately he managed to chase Teo Hoe before he could reach the office and apologised to Teo Hoe.

Then we had this friend of ours Haroon who was punched mercilessly by Yong Ngim Djin for calling him "Gobi desert" If you remember Ngim Djin was bald.

Of course there was this "In a nutshell" teacher, Ernest Lau. These were unforgettable memories, which upon reflection, were good old days.


Jimmy Ho Chee Meng wrote (24 March 2006, 1800 hours):

Dear Albert,

Thank you for the additional names that you came up with. It is wonderful that you can remember these teachers, including Dr Herbert Petersen, the Principal and Dr Thio Chan Bee's predecessor.  On reflection, the names of the others do seem to ring a bell. How can one forget the vivacious Mrs Margaret Leong! Also, I had Dr Chan as a Form teacher in Standard 7. He always gave me high marks for Religious Knowledge because I memorised the whole chapter of one of the Gospels he taught!

Anyway Albert, how are you and your family ? I understand that Vancouver, BC is a beautiful city.  I've never been there although I have visited Toronto and Montreal several times as my previous company was headquartered in Toronto.

Do you remember the days in school when we had games which today's students cannot imagine. During recess, boys would play with 'fighting' spiders. Those who lived mainly in the fauna areas of Singapore were able to catch big spiders from hibiscus leaves, pandan leaves and sometimes from banana leaves. What about throwing rubber bands at a distance to land on a pile of rubber bands. Do you remember spinning tops ? The purpose was to hit another spinning top to give it a hole from its screw spindle.

What about after school ? Can you remember the kampong boys flying their kites to cut the string of another kite still flying in the air. Once a kite was cut loose, a group of boys would run after it with the longest bamboo pole they could carry to catch the drifting kite. Those were the days !!

Have you retired yet? Is there a large Chinese or Singaporean community in Vancouver? I hope you are able to join the Class 57 50th Anniversary Reunion next year.

I am still working but I am trying to ease off my work in the next few months. For very many years in London, I have been actively involved in the Christian ministry within the evangelical context. I am currently the Chair person of a Missionary Society in London. Most of its activities focus in northern Thailand where we have missionary doctors, teachers and Bible teachers. We provide food, shelter, clothing and money to refugees and finance some 80 children who are orphans. We carry out our work under the ethos 'With Christ's kindness'. Most of our supporters are Christians from England, Hong Kong, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore.

It is amazing what Christ can do for each individual.


Yap Swee Hoo wrote (20 March 2006, 1645 hours):

There was also Mr Chan Chin Bock who taught us for a while. He went on to head EDB. I remember him as a polished gentleman, smart in his appearance and speech, who carried himself very well.  Mr Wee Choon Siang was impressive for his good looks that, admittedly, I lacked, and still lack!  Dear me!! Luckily, Norman kept me company with his smallness - he he he!!!!!!!!!!

By the way, Mr Gan Kee Tian has fought the good fight and finished his course much better than many, and likely dear me again. I'll probably only have Norman again for company in the hereafter; it'll be tough company, as he's wont to tease me no less than before, and now...  Do pray for us.


Albert Chan wrote (20 March 2006, 0621 hours):

What about Leong Siew Tai, have we covered Gan Kee Tian? M.J. Singh the maths. wizard, Mrs Ooi Thean Leong, Enoch Fang, Chan Onn Yip, Dr. Herbert ..?... from the US who was principal until he was replaced by Thio Chan Bee. How about Lim Choon Mong who also was head of the Hawkers' Assoc. Then there was Dr. Chan who taught us Scripture. He had a habit of playing with his front dentures inside his mouth. One hilarious incident occured when someone in the class asked the Doctor why God made some people white and some black. Without batting an eye and in a serious tone, Dr. Chan said that God made man with clay. He shaped them, then baked the clay. Some were under-done and were white. The others got burnt and came out black!! Next comes Leon Wang, a graduate of a US college, who taught science. Another science teacher was Seah Cheng Suan, who blushed a bright crimson at the slightest agitation. Have we covered Mrs. Leong, the American teacher whose ample bosom stirred the loins of every student she taught.


Jimmy Ho Chee Meng wrote (20 February 2006, 1800 hours):

I am rather impressed with the names of teachers listed by Swee Hoo and the individual attributes associated to them. It is quite a list of names !  On my part, the teachers I can recall who taught us other than those that Swee Hoo has already mentioned, are as follows:

  • Miss Moreton

  • Miss Russell

  • Miss Reutens

  • Miss Yong Loo Kim

  • Mrs Ng Eng Peow (nee Lee)

  • Mr Choo Chwee Ann

  • Mr Khoo Boo Gay

  • Mr Lim Hee Yang

  • Mr Jesudasan

  • Mr Navaratnam (the Science teacher)

  • Miss Chan (she taught us Biology and Chan Onn Leng's sister)

  • Mr S.K. Pradhan (Geography)

  • Mr A. J. Williamson (American missionary/basket ball coach)

  • Dr. Chan Ah Kow

  • Miss Ding (the Chinese Language teacher)

  • Mr Wee Choon Siang

  • Mr Choo Teck Hong (the Art teacher)

  • Mr Yap Ah Chuan

  • Mr Chee Keng Lim

  • Mr Gurdial Singh

Do you know where they are?  Any other names?


Yap Swee Hoo wrote (17 February 2006, 0432 hours)

The following teachers come to mind, for me:

  • Miss Smith, whose sharp slap on my face for not wearing my spectacles saved my eye-sight for me.

  • Mr Hanam, whose sweets' treats for good performance is memorable for the encouragement he gave us to soldier on, whatever the odds. I came to know his son, John, then the Supt of Customs when I was in the civil service. I believe this wonderful teacher has passed on.

  • Mr Wee Teow Kee, who was caught by my late mother whilst teasing me before the class on my physical defect. A good man at heart, albeit somewhat playful and therefore naughty, like myself. I still meet him on and off.

  • Mr Earnest Lau, of course, who is an inspiration to one and all of us, I'm sure.

  • Mrs Williams - the sweet, maternal teacher who reminded me of my mother in her caring and gentle ways. She taught me in Std 2.

  • Mr Ong Kang Hai, the great Latin and Shakespearean master. We were certainly fortunate to have him as our teacher, demanding, yet always concerned for us as his students.

  • Mr Ong Kim Kiat, whom we used to call names behind his back. Another wonderful teacher.

  • Mr Thomas, who could recite the whole history book by heart, even the page on which a particular passage was. Great character!

  • Mr Chew, who taught us literature in Senior Cambridge (?).

  • Mr Retnam, whose son Prof Retnam was my Prof in varsity. He would have passed on, I think.

  • Any more?

Cheers to our coming reunion get together!!


Jimmy Ho Chee Meng wrote (17 February 2006, 0241 hours):

I wonder if it would be a good idea for each of us to list the names of all the teachers who taught us from Primary 1 right up to the year we left ACS, ie 1957/1959.  Also on the list of teachers, we should indicate whether they are still alive or have passed on. Such a list would enable us at the Reunion, to honour their role in moulding us as reponsible citizens.