Last update: 01 March 2006


Norman Wee wrote (25 January 2006, 1101 hours):

Hi Ivor and Mates,

Nice to hear from you. Have not seen you for quite some time. Used to see you loitering at Tanglin Club, where I still squash regularly. How many Jumaboys were there?? Was Rafik present???

Reflecting, many of the names mentioned are quite foreign to me. Was it because I left Singapore weeks after "57" or I was a poor mixer??? OR is the bulk contributing to this loop from the Elite 9B.

Maybe too involved in Sports and dating????? to interact. Was the late Earnest Frida in our year. He was a good hockey player.

I played Hockey and a little Soccer for School. I think made the combined schools hockey team just once. Maybe someone got sick and they needed an instant replacement.

Looking at the old photos, cannot imagine having represented ACS in any sports. I was so small.

Enclose some correspondence between Mrs (Ming) and Alan Wong who is a few years our junior. May be of interest to those who still practice the FAITH.

Regards and Kong Hee Fat Choy. Incidentally most of us should be DRAGON Babes. After the 50 year gathering should consider 2012 for those that make it. God willing.


Ivor Thevathasan wrote (25 January 2006):

Hi Jerry & chaps!

I have been a bit quiet but have enjoyed the sudden awakening of our motley bunch. I have enjoyed it immensely & revelled in the many of you I have not had the pleasure of hearing about all these many years.

On Sunday my wife & I attended the 80th Celebration Dinner of another distinguished ACSian, Mr. Ameer Jumabhoy (Class of '37,I think). It was a big 'do' at the Oriental in Singapore with the Sultan of Johore, Tengku Bendahara of Pahang,our Speaker of Parliament,Ministers of State,etc.etc. I was sitting with Mr.Tan Wah Tong,Chairman of the
Board of ACS, Lim Choon Mong (YES,our old teacher! Still as spritely in mind & spirit,God be Praised!), Dr. Robert Loh-previous Chairman of the Community Chest, and Mrs.Jean (David) Marshall. ACS was talk of the day!! What reminiscences and revelations there were.

Jerry, we MUST gather together soon, as time is moving on and there is no better time than NOW! Lets start planning right away.

Greetings & a Happy & Bountiful Lunar New Year to all. God Bless.


Jerry Choo Teck Yong wrote (24 January 2006):

Hey, Jimmy. Fantastic sleuth work! Will certainly make the reunion happen and once CNY is over. Will endeavour to corner a few guys here to form a pro-tem committee for Class57.


Jimmy Ho Chee Meng wrote (24 January 2006, 2032 hours):

Hi Hock Hye and Jerry,

This morning I had a telephone call from Heng Fai. We had quite a chat.

Heng Fai informs me that he has no e-mail from which he can communicate with Class 57. I told him that I will send him by post some of the exchanges of e-mail between cohorts. Also, I mentioned to him the likelihood of Class 57 organising a formal reunion in Singapore next year. I encouraged him to come to Singapore if the reunion is arranged. I told him that I was keen to be there next year if it happens.

We have arranged to keep in touch either in London or in Birmingham (130 miles from London).

Heng Fai's telephone number is: +44 (0) 121 707 8877.

I note your inquiry about Soh Hock Chuan. We were in the same class a couple of times in earlier years. I will again look into the Dentist Register of England.  Best regards


Teo Hock Hye wrote (24 January 2006, 1101 hours)

Hi Jimmy,
You are doing very good work by trying to locate our long lost classmate Heng Fai. I have not seen or heard from him since compling our HSC.

He was the only person who has one year O level Biology before he joined us in Pre U One. Imagine none or us took Biology at O level as the school has no facility for the subject. So his knowledge put him way ahead of us.

Besides Heng Fai, there is another of our classmate by the name of Soh Hock Chuan who also graduated from our local University as a dental surgeon. I have no knowledge of his whereabouts also.

Warm wishes for the New Year to you and your big extended family.


Jimmy Ho Chee Meng wrote (24 January 2006, 0302 hours):

Dear Jerry and Hock Hye,

I have today written a letter to Heng Fai and trust that we will have a positive response. The letter is attached for your information.

Dear Heng Fai,

Next year will be the 50th Anniversary of ACS Class 57 and efforts are being made to contact as many as possible cohorts of that class. In this regard, Jerry Choo Teck Yong and Teo Hock Hye have asked me if I could assist in locating you with a view to making contact for the above anniversary.

I have been informed that you are living in England. With the help of the Dentist Register 2005 issued by the British Dental Council, a copy I found in a local library, I am therefore writing to you at the address shown in the register.

I trust you are well and happily settled in Birmingham. Like you, I have lived in England for very many years, have three married children and a grandfather of six grandkids. Qualified as an accountant, I have been in the oil industry for some thirty years. In the past six years Iíve been back to Singapore a couple of times visiting relatives and friends.

You can contact me by phone or e-mail. Alternatively, you can e-mail Teck Yong at  and cc me and Teo Hock Hye at

I look forward to hearing from you.

Wishing you and yours a Happy Chinese New Year.