YEAR OF '57/'59 NOTICE BOARD [last update: 03 March 2007]

Our 50th Anniversary Celebration - truly an occasion to remember!

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We would like to invite others to do the same.  Just send us a short brief of what you have been up to since leaving school and a recent photograph, and we will do the rest to post the information on the web for all to share.

Thanks to the Internet, our cohorts have been in communicating with each other - exchanging notes and photographs, and reminiscing the good old school days. 

To share with you what has transpired, we have compiled the exchange of emails under the "Fond Memories" button.  Click here now to relive the good old days!

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"40 Years On" - listen to this stirring song which we used to sing in school (words provided)

Our Teachers - how can we forget them!

Lest We Forget - remembering our classmates who have gone to the happy hunting grounds.

Ho Chee Meng Gets in Touch!

Isn't the Internet marvellous? Barely a week after the launch of our web site, we have had encouraging responses from long lost schoolmates all over the world, some of whom we have had no contact with since leaving school almost 50 years ago!

Thanks to those who have been spreading the word around, our Class of 57/59 Directory is taking shape, albeit slowly. And through David Tan, we managed to trace Ho Chee Meng (ACS Form 5D, 1957) in London.

In true ACS spirit, Chee Meng responded very positively, updating us on what he is doing in London. For your information, we quote below his recent email to Teck Yong:

Dear Teck Yong,

David Tan has very kindly forwarded to me your e-mail in connection with the update of personal detail of 1957/59 cohorts. It is good of you to undertake this project with a view to organising the 50th Anniversary reunion in 2007. I would love to attend this event and am sure that many do appreciate your initiative and hard work.

I have been living in London since 1959 (except for years 1971 to 1973 when I was transferred from London to the Singapore office of Ernst & Young) a period of over 40 years in England. I came to London at 18 years old, got married and raised three children (2 daughters and a son) and am now a grandfather of 5 grandchildren.

In the past 6 years I have returned to Singapore on three occasions as I still have a few siblings, many cousins, nephews and nieces. I am an accountant by profession and plan to retire at the end of the year.

I served as Secretary of ACS OBA in London in 1960/61. I try to be in touch with my contemporaries from ACS when they visit London or when I am in Singapore. Lately I have been in fellowship with Dr Tan Kang Ping who was serving as a Church minister in London until his return to Singapore in early July. This is a brief account of myself.

It was good to hear from you all.

Ho Chee Meng [aka Jimmy Ho]

Footnote: For those who want to get in touch with Chee Meng, his email address is For details of his telephone contact numbers, please refer to our Class Directory (click here).

Emails That Make You Chuckle

Laurence Lim Chin Hock to Norman Wee:
"I remember Teck Yong vividly. He always scored top marks, but not you!"

Norman's reply: "Laurence, speak for yourself"

Laurence again: Norman, anyway I was always at the bottom (too playful)! Just received a reply from Albert Chan. He remembered we were "hurdling" in class, got caught and got slapped by Yap Ah Chuan!

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Help us identify who's who in the photograph below!

We reckon that some of you may not even recognise yourself in this photograph, which was probably taken in 1948 or 1949!

If you can recognise yourself or any of our other classmates in this identity parade, please email Jerry Choo at

 Please help identify who's who! 15 Wong Kwai Wah
1 Ng Keng Yong 8   16  
2 Khoo Choon Tin 9   17 Yuen Kum Chuen
3 Tay Eng Soon 10 Foo Chee Keng 18 Khoo Hye Tin
4 Au Yan Chee William 11 Ronnie Lim 19 David Tai
5 Tan Hock Hoe 12 Norman Wee 20 Kenneth Chia
6 Quek Hon Yan 13 John Lim 21 Chan Wing Thim
7 Kee Siak Poey 14 Lim Chin Lock 22 Paul Melvyn Tan Eng Wee