Lunch at Wee Houe's & Fellowship at Sentosa Island

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Lunch at Wee Houe's House


Bill Tan's Trip Back to Barker Road .... 50 years later!

That 50th Anniversary Reunion was a once in a lifetime occasion and many thanks to those who made it happen: Jerry, Norman, David Tai, Hock Hye and many others who gave their time selflessly and maybe money too. We shall all have fond memories and look forward to the next one.

A few days later, I had the chance to walk right round Barker Road and on an impulse decided to walk in saying to the guard that we just had a grand reunion at the Temasek Club. He must have been impressed for he just waved me through. So here are the pictures. It's not just a school. It's a campus .... with residential halls, food court, swimming pool, sports grounds ... practically self contained. The architect should be congratulated!

Cheers ...... Bill

More 50th Anniversary celebration photographs

Group Photo

Dinner at
Temasek Club

Dinner at Norman Wee's house

Fellowship at Sentosa Island

Lunch at Wee Houe's house

Bill Tan's Trip Back to Barker Road