Silk Road Trip - Dunhuang

The magnificent Yulin gorge-quite a way down. Still managing a smile after climbing up from Yulin gorge.
May & Swee at Yulin Gorge. Albert & Helen resting after climbing up from the Yulin Gorge.
Remnant of Han Great Wall done in by the wind and sun. All the ladies at Yardan National Geological Park.
The forbidding desert for travellers heading west. Silk Road bandits!
Penny, Jerry & Ming, with remnants
of beacon in background.
Jane, Helen, Bill, Penny resting on
 hilltop at the Yardan.
Yumen Pass where early travellers had to cross. Mogao visitor accessible caves.
Pauline at the Yardan. Entrance to Unesco World Heritage Magao Grottoes.
Wind-sculptured Minsha dunes at Dunhuang. The expanse of dunes at Minsha.
Bill proudly astride camel. Chen-Ya of Arabia!
Make sure you don't follow too close huh! Camel rides to the Minsha Dunes and Crescent Lake.
Class 57 Caravan! Crescent Lake in unusual flood condition Dunhuang.
Crescent Lake-an oasis in the desert. Jane & Hock Hye looking confident.

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