Silk Road Trip - Zhangye

A visit to the Shandan Baille School. Lively kids on school outing.
Schoolkids at Wen Miao Confucius temple grounds Kids at Wen Miao temple.
Albert beaming, with greeters at Jiuquan Quanhu Park. Matisi temples & grottoes dug into cliffs.
The lads at Matisi. Penny with monk at Matisi.
A shot from inside of Matisi cave. Jerry & Penny at Matisi.
The ladies at Matisi with snow-capped
mountains in the background.
Posing at Matisi Village.

Tibetian Lunch reception. Jimmy being welcomed.
Swee flicking wine to the sky in Tibetian ceremony. Albert in Tibetian welcome ceremony.
Tibetian welcome! Hock Hye in Tibetian welcome ceremony.
Jerry in Tibetian drinking ceremony. Albert, May, Penny, Ming & Helen strutting their stuff.

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Bill & Swee having their turn drinking.